Light Politics consists primarily of acrylic and electrical hardware. Plastic historically reflects automatized high-volume production, and more recently reminds us of waste. Precision versus chaos. The central see-through panel reflects this idea. Each part of the casing is highly designed, laser cut, and meticulously pieced together – produced. However, the heart and soul of the project – the electrical wires – are vibrant and spontaneous. In my work I often focus on contrasts, tensions, differences as a starting point to creative problem-solving. Emphasizing extremes and navigating delicate balances is in the forefront of my mind. Light Politics, embodies these key interest points in many ways. It looks at intersections between play and politics, simplicity and complexity, planning and spontaneity. It invites interaction, thus creative thinking and exploration. It can simultaneously function as an expandable light-fixture product line imagined for homes, or scaled up as a large-scale art installation that fills an entire wall.

Fény Politika (Light Politics), Acrylics, magnets, electronics. 2020