. Conversations at the Edge (CATE)

Sara Magenheimer: Slow Zoom Long Pause – Thursday, October 20

In her arresting videos, Sara Magenheimer mixes humor and playfulness with a sophisticated inquiry into language and meaning-making. Using visual puns, graphics, and text-to-voice computer programs, her work explores the slippery dimensions of communication. In Seven Signs That Mean Silence (2013), two disembodied computer voices describe in-between places where meaning hides. In Slow Zoom Long […]

On Lindsay Howard and Temporary Highs

This week’s Conversations at the Edge program features Temporary Highs, a research project and series of linked exhibitions by net art curator Lindsay Howard. To accompany the program, we are linking to an interview with Howard published by Observer. In this interview, Howard speaks with writer and curator, Ryan Steadman, about the importance of net art and her projects […]

Temporary Highs – Thursday, October 13

Temporary Highs is an ongoing research project and series of linked exhibitions by curator Lindsay Howard that explores how the structure of the internet enables reward-seeking behavior in a compulsive cycle of sharing and consumption. It focuses on artworks that operate in a space where immediate gratification is paramount and multitasking has become a requisite social behavior. […]

On Jenny Perlin

This week, we are excited to welcome graduate student, Julia Sharpe, to write for us! In her essay, Sharpe reflects on Jenny Perlin’s The Perlin Papers, an unsettling exploration of the United States’ culture of paranoia during the Cold War.  Jenny Perlin’s The Perlin Papers is an archive at Columbia University of declassified FBI documents on […]

Jenny Perlin: The Perlin Papers – Thursday, October 6

The 1953 execution of Julius and Ethel Rosenberg—US citizens accused of spying for the Soviet Union—haunts The Perlin Papers, Jenny Perlin’s (MFA 1998) unsettling exploration of the United States’ culture of paranoia during the Cold War. Produced as a cycle of eight films, the project draws from an archive of FBI files kept on hundreds […]

On Sally Cruikshank

This week, we are excited to welcome animator Sally Cruikshank to kick off our fall 2016 season! In preparation, we are excerpting part of an interview with Cruikshank published by Art of the Title. In this interview, Cruikshank looks back over her career with Art of the Title Managing Editor, Lola Landekic. Lola Landekic: So, maybe before we get into […]

Sally Cruikshank’s Cabaret – Thursday, September 29

Since the 1970s, Sally Cruikshank has produced some of the most mind-bending independent animations of her generation. Featuring a motley assortment of talking animals and smart objects, her works blend the anarchic style of Depression-era cartoons with a darkly humorous sensibility. In her best-known film, Quasi at the Quackadero (1975), a misshapen duck blunders through […]

Announcing Fall 2016

We’re thrilled to announce Conversations at the Edge’s fall 2016 season! Guests include Sally Cruikshank, Jenny Perlin, Sara Magenheimer, Nicolás Pereda, Paul Kos, Jacolby Satterwhite, Brett Story, curator Lindsay Howard, and the group Text of Light (Lee Ranaldo, Alan Licht, and Tim Barnes) performing alongside films by László Moholy-Nagy. Check out full season details here.

Fall 2016 Sneak Peek

We’re thrilled to announce that our fall 2016 season kicks off September 29 with an appearance by legendary independent animator Sally Cruikshank! Additional highlights include appearances by artists Jenny Perlin, Nicolás Pereda, and Jacolby Satterwhite, among many others. Watch for our full season line-up next week!

On Lyra Hill

We are delighted to have graduate student Lara Schoorl help us conclude our spring 2016 season with some thoughts on artist Lyra Hill!  Lyra Hill’s work as an artist, curator, and performer expresses a deep engagement with place, whether that is a physical location or conceptual mindset. In her recent show at Conversations at the Edge, Hill used the conditions […]

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