. Conversations at the Edge (CATE)

Spring 2020 Season Announcement

We’re pleased to announce the Spring 2020 season of Conversations at the Edge! We have a spectacular program lined up, including appearances by media artists  Vaginal Davis (Feb 6); Lori Felker (Feb 13); Linda Mary Montano (Feb 27); Mariah Garnett (March 5); Beatrice Gibson (March 12); Ian Cheng (March 24), and Wong Ping (April 9), […]

On Cao Fei…

SAIC Art History student Ke Wang speaks to Cao Fei’s unique depiction of China—a country undergoing significant cultural change. Cao Fei’s new film Haze and Fog screens at Conversations at the Edge tomorrow, October 23rd, at 6pm. Cao Fei’s works are based on the social environment of three major cities in Guangdong, China, known as Zhu Sanjiao, […]

Oct 23 – Cao Fei: Haze and Fog

Thursday, October 23rd | Cao Fei in person! Chinese artist Cao Fei mixes fantasy, documentary, and virtual reality to reflect on the ways China’s rapidly changing economy has transformed the everyday lives and imaginations of its citizens. Her latest film, Haze and Fog (2013) is a darkly humorous reinterpretation of the zombie film set in Beijing. Here the undead […]

September 26 – Tomomi Adachi and Takahiko Iimura: Films and Performances

Thursday, September 26, 6pm | Tomomi Adachi and Takahiko Iimura in person! In a rare joint appearance, filmmaking luminary Takahiko Iimura and Tokyo-based sound artist Tomomi Adachi present an evening of films and performances. Since the early 1960s, Iimura has been renowned for his groundbreaking films and videos, ranging from surreal underground narratives to elegant explorations of time […]

Tomonari Nishikawa & Small-Gauge Japan

March 8, 6pm | Tomonari Nishikawa in person Tomonari Nishikawa, Tokyo-Ebisu (2010). Courtesy the artist. Working in formats ranging from Super 8 to 35mm still photographic film, Tomonari Nishikawa constructs his films through precise single-frame shooting, elaborate masking, superimposition, and in-camera editing. He transforms the elements of urban life into multilayered abstractions of light, movement, […]


Thursday, November 17, 6:00 pm | Amar Kanwar in person! Image from THE SMILE (Amar Kanwar, 2007). Courtesy the artist and Marian Goodman Gallery, New York. Amar Kanwar’s films and installations offer incisive and meditative explorations of the political, social, economic, and ecological conditions of the Indian subcontinent. They are also formally inventive, synthesizing documentary, […]

The Unstable Object

Thursday, December 2, 6 p.m. | Daniel Eisenberg in person! The Unstable Object (Daniel Eisenberg, 2010). Image courtesy the artist. “Daniel Eisenberg’s films construct intricate webs of associations and reflections that probe consciousness, memory, and the emotional undercurrents of landscapes.” – Steve Anker What do a luxury automobile, a wall clock, and a cymbal have […]

Under the Cement, Sediment: Recent Video In and Around China

Thursday, October 28, 6 p.m. | Curator Pablo de Ocampo in person! Still from “Factory” (Chen Chieh-Jen, 2003). Image courtesy the artist. In Yang Zhenzhong’s 2003 video Spring Story, a group of 1,500 employees at a Siemens factory recite an oft-cited line from a 1992 Deng Xiaoping speech: “A planned economy is not equivalent to […]


Thursday, December 3, 6pm Akino Kondoh, “Ladybirds’ Requiem,” 2005-6. Courtesy the Artist and Mizuma Art Gallery, Tokyo. In a nation that is geographically isolated yet always looking outward, rooted in ancient tradition while existing at the forefront of technological innovation, the complexion of contemporary Japanese moving image is like no other. This evening’s program brings […]

The Animated Films of Naoyuki Tsuji

Thursday, March 26, 6pm Naoyuki Tsuji, The Place Where We Were (2008). Image courtesy of the artist. The work of Japanese animator Naoyuki Tsuji hovers between dream and nightmare, fairy tale and psychodrama. Tsuji animates his films with charcoal—drawing, erasing, and redrawing over a single sheet of paper. The erasures remain as ghostly afterimages, creating the […]

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