Artist Statement


In the contemporary design process, our inspirations need to be found in the attention to the world around us and the world inside our head, mostly tapping into our collective conscious and unconscious. Ponder…i…n…g… offers a methodology of exploring and reflecting upon the progression of conceptualization of ideation through the manifestation of one’s collective memories.

In his lecture “Architecture and Time,” Marshall Brown states that the practice of architecture is an anticipatory one in that things we design do not yet exist; designing architecture is almost like writing fiction. He explores design through collages with existing architecture to imagine the social, economic, and political conditions of the future (?), instead of producing a social condition through the work of architecture. His methodology of a serial act of world-making through self-reflection collages supports the ongoing potentials that architectural imagination contributes to constructing the world.

Ponder…i…n…g… presents a series of manifestation of memories that form an endless field of analogies. A conceptual idea emerges from pondering through any memory and its association with others. Ponder…i…n…g… presents a methodology of responding to our present nature, in relation to relevant issues, and in conscious reaction to the increased complexity of the world itself.