SAIC’s ARC Land Acknowledgment

Land and Territorial Acknowledgment Practices, 2021
Vinyl banners, riso-printed pamphlets, and video
13:47 mins

This installation was designed by subcommittee members of SAIC’s Anti-Racism Committee (ARC) dedicated to the establishment of Indigenous land and territorial acknowledgment practices, and related initiatives at the School. The banner statements are excerpts from the land and territorial acknowledgment resource guide currently being developed for school-wide use. The pamphlet, an abbreviated resource, serves as a take-away to facilitate self-education and bring attention to the practices of land acknowledgment. Finally, the video projection features an interactive map by Native Land Digital, an Indigenous-led Canadian not-for-profit organization committed to creating conversations about the histories of the lands we inhabit. The map can be accessed at or through the QR code in the take-away pamphlet.

Courtesy of SAIC’s ARC Land Acknowledgement Subcommittee (Alex O’Keefe, Joshua Rios, Sarah Ross, and Katrina Valera).