Tim Lamey

Stacks of Lumber at Sawmill, 2017
Log Yard at Papermill, 2014

Archival inkjet prints

Can a neat boundary between nature and culture ever be drawn? Lamey’s work is concerned with the impact of human activities on the environment and the relentless processes of material rendering that intertwine human needs with ecosystems and environments. In this context, Lamey reconfigures the representational tradition of the western landscape to produce evocative images that reject the sensationalism of nineteenth-century sublime aesthetics. This is the new nature, no longer virginal or uncontaminated—the geometrizing, ordering, and categorizing of capitalist practices now impacts all of the planet’s biorhythms. Lamey’s images evidence the anthropogenic order that has, since the end of World War II, defined our lives and with that the rest of the Earth.

Courtesy of the artist.