Clinodactyly, 2020

    Having Clinodactyly (Abnormally curved finger affecting about 3 percent of babies born in the general population) is one of my facets that makes me unique and who I am today. To emphasize this distinctive feature, I animated the Arabic letter for J (ج) onto the curved bone in different-sized clusters. The Xray images and heartbeat rhythm are used as a direct presentation of myself.

    12.3 Million, 2020

    A performance piece about the depth and richness of the Arabic language compared to English. The Arabic language contains 12.3 Million words whereas English contains 171,476. This stark contrast in the number of words is astonishing but also clearly depicts how one word in the English language could have numerous translations in Arabic. For example, the word “Love”. In Arabic, there are around 24 different words that express varying degrees of love.