Stephen Farrell

Associate Professor, Visual Communication Design

Stephen Farrell has been teaching at SAIC since 1999. He took his sabbatical during the 2022 Academic Year.

Stephen Farrell is a designer, painter, and sound artist. His current paintings and soundscapes extend thirty years of graphic storytelling in both print and film and an early career in typeface design. Stephen’s font-inspired miscellany, The Volgare Project, illuminated novel, VAS: An Opera in Flatland, and animated film, TOC, are celebrated, genre-bending examples of multimodality and the unique possibilities latent in design and literary synthesis.

Farrell has shown work at the Cooper-Hewitt Design Museum and The National Design Center in New York, Institut d’Anglais Charles V and University of Paris, Athens Institute of Contemporary Art, The Perception Lab at SUNY, and many other international venues.


1991, BS, Ohio State University

Notable Classes Taught:

Envisioning Information
From Page to Screen
Heavy Cardboard: Board Games as Information Design
Narrative Architectures