Av Grannan

Final Year Senior Design & Construction

Av Grannan is an interdisciplinary artist who works with creating wearable functional art. She believes that by making people feel creative while they wear a piece of clothing or accessory it brings more worth to everyday items. The garments come to life differently on each individual. Av primarily works with sustainable or up-cycled leather, canvas, fabrics, and natural fibers. As she creates work for each collection, she thinks about the history of the raw materials. Whether that be using a couch from the side of the road or old army wear, the material’s journey builds the work she creates. Combining these different materials with other objects that she has taken apart, helps the pieces come to life. For instance, taking apart old baby dolls, then using their eyes and parts for new work. Av’s wearable artwork has layers of different stories built up and sewn together; making a new narrative that becomes unusual and unique.