Margaux Laibe

2nd Year Junior Design & Construction

I create accessible and sustainable garments. My work is inspired by a young girl named Nora who was born prematurely and experience complications during brain surgery. After Nora was born her mom, Lauren, knew that she was going to grow up being seen as different, and worried about how others would treat Nora. Lauren and her cousin now run The Nora Project, a weekly program where students with and without disabilities can learn about empathy and work towards removing the barriers. Whether we think it’s a conscious decision or not we choose the clothes we put on our body everyday. We dress ourselves and our kids in a certain way. The most common reason is to feel good. I realized that there is a severe lack of accessible clothing out there to accomplish that. No one should have to compromise their comfort and joy because they don’t fit society’s “norm”. Through my work I am trying to help lessen the stigma surrounding disability and help educate others. Also within my work 95% of the materials are sustainable, recycled, or reused.