Mette Ulland

2nd Year Junior Design & Construction

OSA, Spring 2021

While researching Sami people of the northern parts of Norway, I became interested in the fact that they have eight seasons. I began thinking about weather and then about climate change, causing weather to change at more extremes. I created a collection that has options for interchangeably, through layering of garments and zippers, where you can zip off a part of the garment or zip on, or unzip panels for ventilation. In achieving this, these garments can work in all seasons and can even change from season to season. In this collection I used cotton, silks, wool and aluminum cans. My visual research and inspiration comes from my research of Sami people, and more specifically the natural elements that surround them, like reindeer, lichen, trees, and snow. The La Croix reminded me of Sami landscapes and the organic look of lichen.