Rhea Singh

1st Year Sophomore Design & Construction

Rhea is a sophomore in the core fashion program. She is currently working with two startups in Singapore within sustainable fashion and ethical fashion. She believes that the human body is the most powerful element to give life to a concept, where it allows her to give control to things she doesn’t feel in control of, which was one of the reasons she entered fashion. Rhea was born in Poland, briefly lived in India, brought up in Singapore, and moved to Chicago in 2019 to pursue fashion, she has never felt her home country as her home. Having lived across the world, many of her collections also tackle the theme of displacement as a secondary theme. Many of her collections and garments take on a very experimental approach through a play between fabric manipulations, printing, dying and repetition of certain shapes or symbols.

She understands fashion as a way that allows her concepts to be placed in an environment, that can be controlled by the human body. Her concepts revolve around understanding the contradictions of the human emotions, as well as our perception of reality. To her, these are concepts that she finds having no control over, but placing these concepts as a garment, she allows the human body to regain control over things that we cannot control. She tries to understand reality through patterns and that is how she collects her inspirations for her collections and concepts. Her current collection takes a look at the representation of reality and the universe through the Flower of Life  and the Kaleidoscope. 19 circles that represent all the patterns of the universe, the question that she took on is “how does she experience reality through 19 circles”