Caeli Harris

My name is Caeli Harris, I am a fashion, sculpture, and fiber artist. I do a little bit of everything. With roots in Pennsylvania and Missouri, I then moved to Chicago to further my education in the arts at The School Of The Art Institute of Chicago (SAIC). Throughout my years in undergrad, I have been using my artwork as an exploration of my own identity. A conceptual goal throughout my work has been to push my understanding of Black culture and redefine how I see myself within this greater cultural context. Going to SAIC has led me to redefine the boundaries of fashion for myself through exploration of both traditional & non traditional materials. I always wanted my work to have a deeper conceptual meaning to push the boundaries of what everyday people think of clothes. With this being said, my collection will have a combination of avant- grade sculptural elements and garments that lead more towards a ready to wear feel. I want to accomplish my sculptural goals by using supplies designers don’t typically utilize such as different forms of resins, plastics and 3d prints.