Eric Garcia

Artist Statement
The story I’m telling is glamorous, bold, adventurous, gutsy, fearless, opulent, dramatic, exuberant, sophisticated, chic, sparkly, iconic, and slightly delusional. With everything I make, the intent for it is to be wearable art. I’ve always loved making outfits or costumes and getting dressed up in the most absurd materials I could find, like pool noodles or mylar balloons, doing my makeup, and serving “looks.” Give me a theme and I’ll knock it out of the park. My work is primarily fashion based, making and sewing garments. I, also, love sculpture. When I can merge fashion and sculpture together, it’s even better. I work with a lot of volume and shape. I love volume because of the dramatic impact it makes. I love shapes because it’s fun to see how I can manipulate the body in ways never seen before. These methods and aesthetics stem from Franko Moschino, Elsa Schiaparelli, Jean Paul Gautier, Thierry Mugler, and of course the biggest inspiration of all John Galliano.

I have a tendency to gravitate towards evening wear: ball gowns with fifty-foot-long trains and dresses, where the only option to get to your destination is in a U-Haul because it’s that big. Because of that grand entrance, you’re an international sensation! Fashion for me is an opportunity to create characters and to be whoever you want to be, unapologetically over the top and flamboyant. To live in an “Haute Couture” world surrounded by beautiful things is aspirational. It’s a fantasy you get to create. For me, hope comes in the form of unapologetic and impactful narratives. I look forward to writing the rest of the story and see what the next chapters reveal.