Mila Sall

The pulse of CROSSMODAL is derived from my curiosity and discomfort around how language and direct interpersonal communication are changing due to an exponentially greater degree of global digital connectivity. It is driven by an admiration for the complexity and ephemerality of language and sound, and where the two collide. I am drawn to comparing communicating for yourself, with yourself, to yourself, versus for, with, and to others. CROSSMODAL touches perception, personality, philosophy, and is influenced by visualizations of sound and language production. Examination of the parts of speech, both grammatical and anatomical, led to shape and textile manipulation. Research around the anatomy and physiology of sound production by the human body is honored through embroidery and textile design. Studies of written and spoken language activated a demure exploration of communication, definition, relativity, and context.

The human body is an experiential vessel for communication, a series of resonant cavities that create, hold, and share frequencies. What senses are activated when we converse?

Individual experience eludes description but we continue to share words, images, sounds and sensations in an effort to connect. An exquisitely corporeal broadcast.