Owen Tate

Through creation, I find a doorway into new worlds and technicolor utopias. My practice as an illustrator is that of creating portals to see into these dreamscapes. I bring objects from these undiscovered worlds back into our bleak reality. In bringing these artifacts to life, I invite others to abandon the confines of our physical reality and escape into a lucid dreaming state. My work manifests a sense of frivolity, whimsy, and a hint of delusion. Play is imperative to my process. Influenced by my background as a hairstylist and drag queen, I find curiosity in the spaces between wig-making and millinery. My practice typically involves hand sewing materials like flowers, feathers, and most recently jewelry, into wig caps to create maximalist illusory headpieces that vaguely resemble hair. These elements all work together to create an elaborate and astonishing game of pretend.