Tianjian Xiao

“When the kite breaks its string, you cannot regain your lost things.”
The “kite” flies vulnerably in the unpredictable and uncontrollable wind.
The rise and fall of the kite form the different silhouettes – extend and fold.
It continuously changes from motion to stillness.
Garments inspired by this kite.
Silhouettes, the triangles(kites) deconstructed into another two or three, forming a
vest or a coat.
Movements, the light fabric mimics how the kite flows in the air.
Combining with the experimental video, which presents the vulnerability and
fragility that happens when you try to regain your lost things.
“I am holding the square, a simple square.
Hiding, hiding behind,
Like a ‘wall.’”
“A square, A triangle,
Broken them into three and four.”