Tianyuan(Sky) Shi

As a fashion designer, I am captivated by the level of precision and complexity required to create every garment. I consider myself more of a child who takes pleasure in creating clothes than an artist. The fashion I love is often unconventional in its beauty, and I aspire to challenge the traditional definition of what is considered “standard” by exploring different fabrics and finishings. I think fashion should be enjoyable and accessible, not unattainable. As a result, embracing unconventional aesthetics and a love for the macabre has become an integral part of my sartorial journey.
As an example, for my graduation exhibition, I delved into the Chinese urban village that has historically been regarded as disorganized. I juxtaposed tweed and Hongkong finishes to demonstrate the distinction between the polo shirt regularly worn by migrant laborers. I juxtaposed high-end sequins (Couture) and fine wool (Tailoring) with padding to create an aesthetic contrast to the traditional jackets and sleeve covers typically worn by Chinese grandmothers. I aspire to showcase the beauty of irregularity and dark humor through the use of unconventional fabrics and finishes.