Doug Kaplan wants you to be happy, to stare into the digital void, and to merrily prank you into a puddle. As MrDougDoug, he makes music to entertain and challenge in equal measure. Since 2012, he has explored the possibilities of electro-acoustic improvisation and guitar performance in Good Willsmith, while showcasing his peers’ genre-bending electronic music as a co-founder of the Hausu Mountain label.

At SAIC, Doug has directed his attention towards the excesses of the Internet, using the WWW’s hidden treasures as source material for his compositions. On “SOS Forks AI REM”, Doug manipulates pre-existing MIDI files of popular songs twisting them into a mutated incarnation of EDM fit for a karaoke robot carnival. On “These Magical Numbers”, MrDougDoug uses YouTube videos and tabbed-browsing to concoct mind-numbing, paranoid, patriotic collages. Most recently, Kaplan has been working on reinterpretations of pieces by Alvin Lucier and Brian Eno. Wow & Thanks!

Photo of Doug conducting a prayer for world peace at the Mall of America with Leonardo and Raphael
Photo of Doug with his alien friend at Alpine Valley