Ashleigh Vazquez is a film, video, new media animation artist, whose work deals with personal narratives involving themes of childhood, memories, family, and reminiscence. Her work stems from traditional hand drawn and early 2D digital works to stop-motion puppet animation. Other than animated works, her practice also includes painting, drawing, sculpture, and puppetry. Born and raised in Chicago, Vazquez continues to reside in her hometown where she is currently completing her BFA at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. She will be screening her current stop-motion BFA thesis film at the Gene Siskel Film Center in May 2017.

"Chacho" (Still shot), 2016, stop-motion puppets, stop-motion puppet set
Siblings, 2016, stop-motion puppets
"Chacho" kitchen set, 2016, stop-motion puppet set
Quinn's Nest set, 2015, stop-motion puppet and puppet set
Quinn's World set, 2015, stop-motion puppet set
Goodbye Chacho (Animatic), 2014, After Effects/Premier Pro storyboard animatic
Superbeings15, 2017, Flash animation
Quinn's Nest - Environment Interaction, 2015, stop-motion puppet animation
Luce - Emotion, 2015, stop-motion puppet animation