Artist Statement

Film has been what I could rely myself on for a long time; so I’ve desired to give back what I have received from film. I decided to devote my time to it.

Reflecting deeply on oneself often can be a meaningful introspection but it inevitably carries sorrow and pain within the process itself. Sinking down under the sense of futility and anxiety, floating around the ocean of consciousness as the shattered ice has lost its way, writing was my only exit to release myself from myself.

Instead of trying to discover a small piece of goodness or originality within me, I rather think of a story. When a person within that story finally gets to breathe one’s fragile gasps and eventually gets born as a human being with actual shape, I start to believe in myself.

I realized that it is such a miracle; that simply trying to create someone real instead of trying to show something makes my life feel much better.

I try to create females who do not give up ethics they established despite of their lives of wandering and shaken. I imagine that these women would be questioning the life itself but desperately wanting it. It gets me going on working with narratives and fictional films.

I believe it also would be a proof that I never gave up on myself; that I never gave up shouting out the inherent voice of me and of other women; that I never gave up making freedom of my body and mind, and the time mine.