Born and raised in Springfield Illinois, I’m the product of the works of Frank Capera, Kevin Smith, Vachel Lindsay, Abraham Lincoln and the greatest director to ever live (or die for that matter) Stanley Kubrick. But most importantly I am the result of my friends and Family that have (for better or worse) pushed me to work hard and throw myself into everything I do. That’s really all there is to me. To find out more watch by work. Go Blackhawks!

Artist Statement

Artist statements are stupid but I guess if you want to know my intentions then just watch my work and see what you think because I can’t tell you how to feel about it so why tell you my intentions? If you watch it and don’t understand it then I guess I didn’t get my point acrossed then I failed as an artist statement this would be a cop out to me making unsuccessful art which is lame a stupid. So just watch my stuff and if you like it great if not that’s great to just try to understand all things you encounter.