Kevin McGrath is an artist from the South Chicago-land area in Illinois. He works in many disciplines and media, and is mainly concerned with living in a manner that will prevent a deathbed epiphany that he had lived his life like a complete asshole.

Artist Statement

Kevin McGrath is currently presenting work on film exploring relations between process, film, objects, images, and sound. The majority of the film is exposed in his hallway closet, where he scrambles on his knees, in the dark, to place objects and materials on the film to obscure and produce abstract imagery. This is a technique colloquially known as the “Rayogram,” named after the artist Man Ray who popularized it. The objects are chosen for the patterns and shapes they will likely produce, which in turn produce certain sounds through the optical sound reader on the 16mm projector. The result is a parsimonious relationship between image and sound that has a very particular phenomenological characteristic.