Saturday, May 11 - 7:00 p.m.
Gene Siskel Film Center

Program 12: Imbodies

Saturday, May 11

7:00 p.m. – 59 min

The Best of Both Worlds by Xitlalli Sixta Tarin, 14:49

Petals by Henry Cook, 15:00

Pindle by Hyo Kim, 3:10

The Vigilance by Jina Park, 5:54

한, 限, (Han, 2019) by Hyo Kim, 10:00

She Can Run, She Can Hide by Victoria Vanderpool, 8:25

Weaving an intricate and embodied magical realist tale, Xitlalli Sixta Tarin moves through centuries and continents, using the experiences of sex work as a transgender Latina woman to consider exchange, colonialism, desire and interiority. Working in a poetic mode of address, Henry Cook’s associative practice centers on the intersections of biography, gender and language, while bringing deeply personal and fleeting glimpses of our subjects’ lives to the fore. Hyo Kim’s sensuous works act as collaborations between movers of bodies and movers of images, exploring the complexities of gender while breathing exciting new life into the dance film. Isolation, instability and indeterminacy fill the claustrophobic interiors that subsume Jina Park’s The Vigilance. Victoria Vanderpool presents a kind of embodied media critique, equal parts funny and dark and lustrous, the tropes of women in horror are processed and re-processed and re-processed through the present moment, the artist’s thoughtful reconsiderations of genre and, more literally, the Sandin Image Processor.

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