Thursday, May 9 - 9:00 p.m.

Program 6: Monologues, Madness and Messy Materialisms

Thursday, May 9

9:00 p.m. – 68 min

King Lear / The Mad King Monologues by Neeti Kejriwal, 3:45

Wanderer by Stella Yoo, 1:20

WHIRLIGIG by Sara Roth, 5:50

Halfway to Nowhere by Xinyu Li, 3:24

Vague Devil by Elena Chimaera, 45:00

We open to Neeti Kerjriwal’s borrowed Mad King finding his ways to icy shores, as we contemplate displacement, performance and the soft science of time travel. A pair of entomologists discover unusual behavior as they enact their own versions of the same in Jackie Hernandez’s animation. Wanderer shares an itinerant bird wandering through a psychotropic miasma of mixed matters and materials. An escapist stuck in a cluttered digital world of their own making befriends and cares for a dragonfly in Sara Roth’s Whirligig. Our own blissy weightlessness drifts through a crunchy digital materialism revealing strange geometries, dodging physical language in a Xinyu Li’s world of languid physics. Finally, we find ourselves into the Elena Chimaera Universe, in a self-contained metaphysical comedy that narrates itself as we move through deadpan music videos and sketches that center the notion of playing within the play.

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