Ashita Saraswat

Master of Architecture with an Emphasis in Interior Architecture

Some cities built centuries ago, have been provided with great inheritance. They have managed to preserve traditional architectural heritage. When I say heritage, I don’t necessarily mean concerning civilizations and settlements over 150 years ago but also the buildings, districts, cities that are culturally rich and now “landmarks”.
With constant evolution, both good and bad, I hold concern for the same.

Kindly allow me to introduce my attempt on how architecture and interiors can ameliorate the city’s inheritance while keeping in touch with contemporary urban evolution, more like consumerism.

Coming from a city and a state of great heritage, I take it as my responsibility to prevent my city from being “out of touch” with contemporary ways, while still corresponding with contextual development. What needs to be inherited? what is to be preserved? How to innovate and when is it time to let go?