Corey Smith

Master of Fine Arts in Studio, Performance

Corey Smith (he/him) is a composer, writer, and performer from Chicago, Illinois. He is a 2017 and 2018 grantee of the City of Chicago’s Individual Artist Program, as well as a 2018 recipient of an Emergency Grant from the Foundation for Contemporary Arts. Corey has been an artist in residence at Light Box Detroit, the Tallgrass Prairie National Preserve, the Iowa Lakeside Laboratory, and Grin City. His work has been seen at Links Hall, the Detroit Fringe Festival, Frank Lloyd Wright’s Emil Bach House, and numerous venues around the USA. His longstanding project, The New Prairie School, has been featured by Architectural Digest. Corey is an avid collaborator and has worked in various capacities as a sound designer, director, performer, composer, and/or devisor for artists such as Every House Has a Door, Rough House Puppet Theater Company, the Suburban Piano Quartet, director Lindsey Barlag-Thornton, and many others.