JiaJia Bao

Master of Design in Fashion, Body and Garment

Since I was five, my eyes were transfixed by my grandma’s magic hands. One day I hope to be like my grandma, who could create almost anything. She inspired my goal of making high-quality clothing with my own hands. Using traditional techniques like Suzhou embroidery and hand-knitting, I make wearable clothing with opulent materials. With a background in technical design, my process begins by analyzing the details, materials and construction. Then I drape the garments multiple times to achieve the correct shape, silhouette and positioning. I believe the rapid development of the fast fashion industry is bad for our environment, causing air pollution, material pollution and wasting natural resources. Now is the right time to shift the focus from quantity to quality. I hope people will appreciate my technique, design, tailoring and quality for each garment. In the end, they will find the real meaning of purchasing a garment to themselves.