Jiaqi Li

Master of Fine Arts in Studio, Printmedia

My mother asked, “She loves an artist’s work, but she thinks she is bad at art. Does that mean the artist sucks?” I said, “love what you love and don’t give no shit.”

My friend asked, “Do I want to have chocolate that tastes like shit or shit that tastes like chocolate?” I said, “The latter one, which would still be tasty.”

My peer asked me, “How was today?” I said, “Not good.” In the afternoon, I received a few bags of tea and a small paper bag with a smile.

I asked Grandma, “Where’s Grandpa?” Grandma said that he went out for a walk, and then quickly corrected herself and said that he went to bed. Grandpa was over 80 last year. I only existed in his life for 24 years, but he was there in mine for 24 years.