Sal Moreno

Master of Fine Arts in Studio, Art and Technology Studies

Sal Moreno is an interdisciplinary artist and performer who engages with computation, video, sound, and performance. He generates work that speculates how the modes of expression within various traditions and cultures are shifting in the presence of rapidly advancing technologies, such as VR, AR, sound synthesis, and motion capture tools. Sal spent his early undergraduate years involved in competitive percussion ensembles in circuits such as Winter Guard International and Drum Corps International. He has participated in live performances at the New Blood XIV Performance Festival. He has also shown work as part of a United Nations conference in NYC and has participated virtually in collaboration with artists from the UK and Brazil, which resulted in works reaching international audiences.
Sal earned his BA from UC San Diego in Interdisciplinary Computing and the Arts and is pursuing his MFA from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago in Art and Technology Studies.