Seth Sexton

Master of Fine Arts in Studio, Performance

Central to all my work are repetition and pattern. My movements consider the somatic feeling of time and duration. Through drawing I transcend into a dream-like meditation where the physically mundane becomes profound. The resulting images suggest natural and biological forms emanating specificity and sacred geometry. My images draw from: memory, spiritualism, Kabbalism, and my dance and Yogic practice. I consider, figurative, abstract, and craft-like forms alike. I am inspired by reliquary, Moroccan tribal rugs, and Aboriginal dream paintings. I make my drawings symbolic maps, plotting a course from the inner ecosystems of the body to the stars in the heavens. I make these images to affirm the mystery, to assuage my fears and to temper the paradoxes of science, my history, and the inexplicable world we navigate. My drawing and dance choreographies explore the liminal and circuitous pathways of physiology, biology, and psychology, where mental order and disorder are often at the crux.