Yesha A. Mody

Master of Architecture with an Emphasis in Interior Architecture

I am an aspiring Architect, with a passion for all things design and love for travel and adventure. An inquisitive outlook and eagerness to add value to life by exploring different parts of the world shapes my learning process. My academic and professional architectural experiences in India, Sri Lanka and the United States of America have molded me to be a solution-oriented designer, optimistic yet realistic.

Master’s in Architecture with an emphasis in Interior Architecture at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago influences me to make learning, participating and creatively expressing a way of life. I believe that architecture is innately connected with the creation of identity and self-confidence. I love experimenting with materials and creating experiences that encourage an aura of authenticity. My curiosity to explore the relation between nature, culture and architecture lead towards a phenomenological design for my thesis, creating experiences using the material- Light.