Kathryn Hempel

Low-Residency Master of Fine Arts Degree

Kathryn Hempel creates art in a variety of disciplines. One of her current projects is to make, photograph, and share a new piece of art every day in 2022. Soon after starting this endeavor, she recognized the parallel between her daily art practice and the creation of motion picture dailies. The daily work she creates is used as source material to review, select, and sometimes edit together into installations, and messages, or used as stand-alone individual pieces. This process stems from years of film editing and filmmaking. In some cases, the work, and the daily chronological social posting or exhibition of this work, is her first draft, or rough cut, that leads to the progression of a more finished piece, sequence, or larger series. Hempel is determined to stay defiantly optimistic as a form of resistance and a survival mechanism during turbulent times.