Nestor Kok

Master of Fine Arts in Studio, Visual Communication Design (Graphic Design)

Nestor Kok is a designer, illustrator, journalist, and comic book creator. Before pursuing an MFA in design at SAIC, he completed an undergraduate law degree in the UK. Nestor uses storytelling techniques and visual narratives as therapeutic mediums; aiming to reshape past trauma into fictional narratives that provide both author and reader a degree of control and catharsis over said trauma. He aims to push the envelope on creating at the intersection of comics and design, ensuring that stories are told through both the work’s physical form and narrative content. In 2021, he was awarded the Caxton Club Graduate Grant for Projects in the Book Arts. Besides his artistic practice, he is an editor and journalist for SAIC’s F Newsmagazine, for whom his work has won awards, and writes creatively in his free time.