Rose Chuck Bettridge

Master of Fine Arts in Studio, Fiber and Material Studies

The timeline of our life is often described as a path we follow or forge, a road we travel forward, a mountain we climb. Whichever metaphor suits the tone of the task, each warns of the perils of looking back at the ground covered, leading to this current moment. It is drilled into us that we must move ahead, blaze forward, continue climbing upward. However, this carelessness with our pasts can be detrimental in the development of who we are and who we are meant to become.

My work acts as a plunge into the past and an exploration of artifacts we keep with us, often deep in the pockets of our subconscious. The relics of our trauma, especially those that we cannot seem to shake off, have power over us, whether we acknowledge it or not. Objects in our daily life can become triggers of a time long since forgotten. After countless years of stuffing my mental pockets full to the brim with artifacts from childhood and weighing myself down along this journey, I am finally utilizing different avenues to explore the catalysts of my nostalgia.

This line of work toes the line between nostalgic and haunting, and I embark on a quest to critically analyze my own demons and anxieties. I explore the realm of memories tied to family traditions and expectations, violently enforced gender roles, and the mysteries of identity.