Zhisheng Wu

Master of Fine Arts in Studio, Sculpture

Zhisheng Wu is a Chinese artist. His work is divided between temporary installations in public spaces, and material installations in the studio. Whether inside or outside the studio, his work develops synesthesia and illusion through the continuous penetration and expression of individual experience in order to bring the audience into a new plane of expectations. For example, he believes that when he explores deep enough into the uniqueness of his individual experience, there is a “collective experience” of his cultural background and his regional identity that will be revealed. This collective experience will evoke a sense of empathy from viewers with the same cultural experience and a sense of universal identity from viewers with the different cultural experience.

He is interested in public space because through the use of public space, his work builds confrontational, wrestling, and interactive relationships by exploring the relationship between the individual and site. Because the site is a product of a certain culture and he is the product of another culture, an inevitable contradiction arises when the two collide. He expects to improve the interaction between the artwork and the viewer, whether on the physical or sensory level.