Self-curated Group Including Artists: Eleanor Frick, Erica Maria Littlejohn, Maddie May, Katie Rauth, Thuong Hoai Tran, Jasmine Huaimin Yeh

Room with a Better View
is an invocation of a new perspective and a brighter vision. From each of our individual viewpoints, we cast our gaze past boundaries of time, memory, perception, and place to look past existing walls of the present and open a window onto a new outlook. We overlap and collapse timelines, allowing the past to rewrite narratives for the future, and the future to rewrite narratives of the past. We forge new ways of looking through distortions, omissions, turbulences, misrepresentations, and exaggerations. Stepping into our individual spaces asks our viewers to try on our individual familiarities, feel the edges of our awarenesses, and hold the weight of our histories. Each of our lenses have been shaped by individual experience, but when turned to face the same direction, we have the opportunity to focus a beam of light that can see further than before. Come stand in our room; come look toward a better view.