bianca gabrielle goyette

Low-Residency Master of Fine Arts Degree

bianca goyette works in layers. She uses overlapping elements and media to erode the distance between the real and the imaginary, working with materials and processes that speak to the strength and fragility of the human condition. She is a multitude of things working in a multitude of media. She was once told that people get confused if you are too many things, but as Nancy Shavers says, “confusion gets a bad rap.” And she can’t be anything other than what she is (for now). She is a storyteller, a vocalist, a photographer working in still and moving pictures, a writer, a laser etcher, a papermaker, a sculptor, and a designer. Her work focuses on personal experiences that have tendrils in the breadth of society. It is her own racial experience, her own social experience, her own political experience, her own experiences with language, communication, community (or the lack thereof), and a perpetual need to rethink understanding.