Krista Anara Cibis

Master of Fine Arts in Studio, Fiber and Material Studies

Krista Anara Cibis, MBA, MA Critical Studies, is a Chicago based artist and writer. Her work is largely a materials’ driven, extensive research-based practice, exploring the intricacies of language, cultural artifacts, and systems of community through isolation, centered in traditional craft techniques. Although born in the Midwest, she has spent much of her life in the Pacific Northwest and rural Northern New Mexico. Drawing on her professional research background for the University of New Mexico (partnering with Los Alamos National Labs and Harvard), with her experience as a cultural outsider (as the first-generation daughter of a refugee), she both views and seeks to make sense of the world/s she finds herself in.

Cibis has previously been honored to receive a year-long artist residency at Textile Hive in Portland, OR, awarded funding from Spoonflower textile company and from the Yale English Institute. Her work has been exhibited both nationally and internationally.