Laura Bustamante

Master of Fine Arts in Studio, Sculpture

Laura Bustamante is an interdisciplinary artist whose practice focuses on social structures, identity and communal sites. Laura’s work explores the idea of existing in the in-betweens <identities, languages, countries/borders, social status>. In recent works, Laura is interested in using play, joy, grief, and gathering as acts of resistance to the social structures that currently oppress historically marginalized communities. Laura received a BFA from Florida Atlantic University and is an MFA Candidate at the SAIC. Laura has worked in various curatorial and educational projects, at the University Galleries, FAU, and led the NSU Art Museum Fort Lauderdale education department as the Lillian S. Wells Education Curator. Laura has contributed to the design and development of several education initiatives including Museum on the Move, A Sense of Pride, Community Voices and various lectures and public programs including presenting at the National Arts Education Association (NAEA) Annual conference.

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