Mac Pierce

Master of Fine Arts in Studio, Art and Technology Studies

Mac Pierce is a technology focused artist whose work examines the world of emergent weaponized technology—tech topics that infrequently see media attention. Using tech as an artistic medium, his practice engages concepts from hacking, surveillance, and firearms all with the intention to expose the shadowy core of these often volatile topics.

Born in 1993 in Seattle, Washington and raised in Lewiston, Idaho, he experienced a view of America tempered by regional conservatism that coincided with the rise of web. Moving to Boston after graduating from the University of Idaho in 2014, he spent his early twenties living and working in the liberal and tech-forward area. Having lived and experienced these two polarized areas within the United States, he approaches divisive issues with a keen critical eye, hoping to work through the rhetoric to expose topics at the core of these arguments through his work.