Tianxin Li

Master of Fine Arts in Studio, Architecture, Interior Architecture, and Designed Objects

For me, designers should meet the needs of the public, and the products they design should be full of humanistic care and social care. Designers also need to play more roles. Design has moved from an industrial technology-driven problem-solving process to designing social activities with different stakeholders and conflicting interests.
My work reflects my concern for environmental protection and social issues, and talks about the relationship between humans and nature, and I am also committed to focusing on the poor. I believe that the human-natural world coexists and interacts. People-modern society is increasingly out of touch with nature, and there is also a great conflict between environmental pollution and social, economic and industrial development.
I believe that, as artists, we have the ability and duty to reach out to society and engage or alert the public to numbness by discovering—improving—creating non-invasive patterns. This method is easier to attract the audience than the data results of ordinary scientific research, but it requires the artist to be extremely creative.
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