Taylor Estape, Suzanne Gold & Elizabeth Bertch
when it fails // you can rest here

We asked: what if we tried to take care of each other? To create space for failure, to share the weight of others.


Josh Hoglund
Trading Room
A constellation of infection, optimism and architecture.

Created by Joshua Hoglund with Elise Cowin, Kevin Sparrow and Ryan Wright
With music by Raky Sastri and Nohow On

and the animals: Brook Celeste, Laura Chaillie, Allen Conkle, Samantha D’Adamo, Laurel Foglia, Stephanie Gomex, Michael Gutsell, Cameron Heinze, Peter Hillsman, Joshua Kent, Madison Marino, Amber Robbins, Celeen Rusk, Rosa Gaia Saunders, Emilie Stanley, Jake Vogds, and Stephen Webb

and the architecture: Christine Shallenberg, Anna Liza Evangelista, Charlie Kolber, Paige Landesberg, and Leah Ranshoff-Englert

Thank you Rebecca Duclos, Trevor Martin, Zoe Ryan, Alison M. Fisher, and Nick Young

For Helen Hogan, Anna Paskevska, and Hilda Sova



Jose Santiago Perez

Secuela (What Remains)

Garment by Magritte Emanuel Nankin

A war.
A stillness.
A ground.
A walking turned around.
A silence.
A love.
A loss inside out.
A slowness.
A waiting.
A herethentherenow.
A dance.
A disappearance.

Gratitude remains. Gracias a Magritte Emanuel Nankin for making the garment worn in the performance. To Trevor Martin, Robin Deacon, Lindsey Barlag Thornton, Amelia Alice Charter, and Jane Jerardi. To everyone in the Performance Department. Special thanks to Lin Hixon, Roberto Sifuentes, and Mark Jeffrey. To Ana Maria Valdes, Udita Upadhyaya, and Jeremiah Ray. To Teresa, Santiago, Vilma, Adriane – source, history, tongue, roots, blood. To the ghosts. To Christopher Sanger – for everything. Thank you.



Charles Rice

Origins of Detachment

(Three hour durational performance)

I am investigating systems of orphanism. When an object has lost its use or value vs. an object that has been repurposed for art. When installations of objects represent bodies of people who have passed away through materials. This can be seen as a generation orphaning of specific groups of people and the loss of information from a traumatic event. The banal family photographs that represent the past and are brought to the present in a presentation format for the gallery. These investigations are all linked to orphanism, the bereavement of parents, and the representation of family, trauma, abandonment, and memory. However I am expanding this notion of ‘orphanism’ into objecthood and how objects can loose their original purpose and become re-fashioned, re-imagined, re-histocized when brought into the context of art.



Olive Stefanski & Magritte Emanuel Nankin as MOUTHY WOMEN

Little Plates and Only Friend Prepare For the Worst is the third installment in a mythology of work surrounding the existence of two personas: Little Plates and Only Friend, embodiments of queer and ableist failure. Little Plates and Only Friend exist in pathetic tragicomedies, navigating institutional spaces and rooms, blurring reality between mentally ill psychic space and the material world. How is their madness an act of political refusal?

Our work states: we must value these vulnerable and traumatized members of society. With our live presence, we gently demonstrate it: no person or creature is disposable.

The performance will end with the sound of a bell.

Sincerest thanks to: Our mothers: Elizabeth Nankin and Suzanne Sinclair. Erica Mott, Irina Botea, Jesse Ball, Lin Hixson. Bow-Ty, Charles Rice, Codi Suzanne Oliver, Danielle Wordelman, Erez Bleicher, Keijaun Thomas, Lucia Calderon Arrieta, Malvika Jolly, Mark Jeffery, Natalia Nicholson, Rae Whitlock, Rhone Talsma, Sky Cubacub, Simone Montague, Zoe Buchard, Zuleika Irvin. G(URL) Freax organizers (Nu Eevul, Paula Nacif, James Theophilos), 3rd language art collective. Our paper tearers: Abbey Muzatko, Allie Shyer, Bow-Ty,
Danielle Wordelman, Jose Perez, Leah Rose, Udita Upadhyaya. Rose helper spirits: Joseph Ravens and Joshua Kent.



Rae Whitlock

Working Progress

This won’t be over until we both forget about it.