marc t. wise (b.1979, Denver, Colorado) works in paint, sculpture, language, and photography. His approach blurs the lines between disciplines, with a primary focus on the interface between painting and sculpture. His work has been seen in solo and group exhibitions in Louisiana, Utah, and California and his written work has appeared in The Seneca Review, Los Angeles Review, Quarterly West, and elsewhere. He lives and works in Salt Lake City.

Artist Statement


someone close

asked me to tell

the whole story has been

a problem never quite

knowing which one

was making sound whose

events are conferred with

the majesty of the human voice

larynx mandible lung

the container’s hand

digits another request

from the rolling clouds

maybe not so much a request

but a suggestion

to not be afraid of amputation

says the whole

like hands parts of the voice that are


can feel free to go

to be lost i’m unsure of

these operations anesthetic

one thing
at a time sending this head

downriver the available ears

onshore moving farther from

the water’s edge

in/land further from sound the

head without

its hands an obvious answer

would be mine showing you

the i don’t know

its location its location

a keyword or city

that doesn’t exist in the database

Denver Emporia

Providence Schenectady all found

one after another Tampa

not yours yours

in under-process

the way Smithson allowed the job-

site to exist

as an artwork necessarily

unfinished until the precise moment

utility arrives

practicality [don’t finish it
don’t finish it
don’t finish it]

after all

narratives are useful

they help don’t they instruct

as we learn

from this communion the together-

ness a story allows

an allowance

no one agrees to which is the same

deal we make with our bodies

in that we don’t

so if it seems like i’m holding

something i can’t let go

it’s an unconscious

deliberateness this

abstraction a learned helplessness

for so long

fiction was possible

how the darkness doubled, 2021, Enamel and oil on plywood, 57 x 49 in.
lightning (struck) itself, 2021, Enamel on plywood, 64 x 53 in.
(mis)cut (the missing hand), 2021, Polyurethane on plywood, granite, 67 x 50 in.