Ana Pérez Escoto is the founder of PEANA, a gallery based in Monterrey, Mexico; which since 2015 has organized exhibitions in different parts of Mexico and the United States.

In 2018, PEANA started a residency exchange program between Mexico and New York made possible thanks to the support of Rockefeller Brothers Fund. From Fall 2018, this program has run parallel to PEANA as an independent non-profit organization called Persona.

Artist Statement

Ana’s curatorial interest in the cross-generational dialogue between the artistic practices of Mexican artists is shaped by her constant collaboration with alternative spaces, curators, galleries and architectural sites.

She is interested in curatorial practice as cultural synthesis that bridges historicized practices to emerging ones, marking as a recurring characteristic in her practice, the continuous evolution of the artistic lineage of conceptually rigorous expressions that are still grounded in the plasticity of the artwork’s materiality.

More often than not, her exhibitions seem to gravitate towards the installation and three dimensional confrontations and findings between pieces, where their physicality engenders a symbolic and sensuous language of intimacy and contested realism.

Choosing to break the traditional format of exhibition making, Ana presents Things Happen In A Silent Way on an open space between nature and the white cube with the works of Mexican artists Jorge Satorre and ASMA, in collaboration with LABOR gallery. Here, fantastical reliefs made of silicone are hanged along side disembodied terracotta sculptures, fill the space in a whimsical yet eerie encounter that seeks to exalt the innovative approaches each artist takes to the materiality of their medium and their chosen narratives that verge on the mythical and the secrecy of things.