May 10 – May 18 

Opening:  Friday, May 10 5PM – 9PM

Closing Reception: May 18 6PM-8PM

Fine Arts Building, 2nd & 7th Floors

410 S Michigan Ave.

Chicago, IL 60605

Open Exhibition Hours:

Monday – Closed

Tuesday – Thursday 11AM – 6PM

Friday – Sunday 11AM -7PM


Due to unforeseen circumstances in the SAIC Galleries, the MAATC Exhibition 2024 was rescheduled and will be held at Fine Arts Building. This cohort has consistently shown great tenacity and creativity, taking this challenge on with determination and grace. The show we see now, in collaboration with SAIC Galleries and Fine Arts Building, is a testament to their belief in the power of artistic expression, and above all, their belief in each other.

The annual MAATC Exhibition presents the artwork and practices of students graduating with a Master of Arts in Art Therapy and Counseling. The educational aim of this exhibition is to provide an opportunity for students to present their own individual lived practices and collaboratively examine the clinical, ethical, and aesthetic implications of presenting the profession of art therapy through an exhibition. Deeply reflective and inquisitive, the artists present a multitude of approaches, exemplifying the program’s philosophy of integrating the emergent artist-art-therapist identity. For more information about the program, visit

Guest Curator:  Gideon W. Greene (MAATC 2017)

Graduate Curatorial Assistant:  Corbly Brockman (MAATC 2024)


Curator Statement

The MAATC exhibition is a long held tradition within the SAIC community and art therapy master’s program. It is the culmination of the participating students’ graduate classwork, field work, and arts-based research. 

This exhibit invites you to immerse yourselves in the raw emotions, personal narratives, and profound insights stemming from the dedicated work of these budding art therapists. Their work unveils the intricate layers of human experiences, tackling themes as diverse as grief, the intimate journey of being an art therapy student, the call for social justice, and the essence of community.

Through their creations, these artists share their unique perspectives on the challenges and triumphs of navigating the art therapy student path, offering insights that resonate with vulnerability, resilience, and the transformative nature of self-discovery through creative expression. Pieces within the exhibit express themes of loss and healing, using material and form to convey deep emotions. Celebratory displays honor the strength of community, portraying interconnectedness and support amidst shared experiences. These visionary artists have illuminated their work with the colors of social justice, depicting struggles, aspirations, and battles for equity and inclusion. 

The exhibition transcends boundaries, merging art and therapy in a way that invites contemplation and understanding. It showcases the impactful role of artistic expression in exploring human experiences and societal challenges.

As the audience, we stand witness to their artistic inquiry, their dedication to understanding, and their commitment to change. We extend our deepest appreciation to these talented individuals whose creations invite us to look within ourselves, to empathize, and evolve.

The 2024 MAATC exhibition was organized by Alumni Producer Gideon W. Greene (MAATC 2017) and Graduate Curatorial Assistant Corbly Brockman (MAATC 2024). The current iteration of the MAATC Exhibition 2024 was created in collaboration with SAIC Galleries and Fine Arts Building.