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“Your Source for Materials on Campus”

Material Source is your partner in obtaining supplies for the making possibilities available at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. Our stores provide convenient access to curriculum-driven and hard-to-source art materials across campus. We are located in or near many of SAIC’s art-making facilities to help you explore the various media the school engages in.

Each Material Source location primarily serves the departments and facilities in which they are located offering items catering to their specific needs, from lumber to electrodes and everything in between. We also carry many items at multiple locations that are useful to the whole community. Most of our items have been chosen by faculty and staff to support your educational needs.

The School of the Art Institute of Chicago has provided on-campus sales of materials in various forms for many years. In 2004, material sales across campus were consolidated under one department with two locations. Since then our department has grown into an operation supporting 3 independent storefronts, with an additional 3 storefronts that operate in tandem with the SAIC instructional shops. We are excited to continue to grow and assist the community in new and more comprehensive ways.


280 S. Material Source
280 S Columbus Drive, Room B1-31  312.857.7173
This location carries select materials to support the 280 Wood and Metal Shops, Print Media, Sculpture, Painting and Drawing, and Laser Cutter Facilities.
Payments for purchases of items from SAIC’s Ceramics Department are made in this location.
Lumber and metal items are sold inside the wood and metal shops.

Sharp Material Source
37 S Wabash Ave, Room 333 and 316  312.759.1655
This location carries select materials to support the Sharp Instructional Shops, Fashion Design, Fiber & Material Studies, and Contemporary Practices.
Lumber items are sold at tool checkout.

Sullivan Material Source
36 S Wabash Ave, Suite 1243  312.629.6699
This location carries select materials to support the Sullivan Fabrication Studio, AIADO, and Laser Cutter Facilities.
This location is inside the Sullivan Fabrication Studio.

Maclean Material Source
112 S. Michigan Ave, Room 806 312.345.3515
This location carries select materials to support Neon, Film, Video, New Media & Animation, Sound, Art & Technology.
The entrance to this location is to the right of the Media Center.