Pryce is an artist and designer working in Chicago, Illinois. Her work comments on an innate human desire to understand oneself by impressing upon or relating to others. This notion of the self as identified through the other creates a space of obsessive yearning for comprehension as well as an unintentional transformation of bodies into things and objects. Thus when these objects are added to our own collections, a visual vocabulary is created as tangible evidence of our characters. She works with archiving, data visualization and language as tools for preservation. Pryce holds a BFA from The School of the Art Institute of Chicago and is currently working towards an MFA.

My Mother, November 2014, wood burn in chest
Un*Spoken, December 2014, emotional response transcribed into music box papers
The Setting Sun, July 2014, eggs
The Art of Flight, April 2011, letterpressed book
Mending, December 2010, embroidered leaves