My interdisciplinary practice originates from a socio-cultural anthropological study of systems of interpersonal communications through technology and contemporary Internet culture. I develop large digital archives of text, images, video, broadcasts, and data through live and virtual performance and interactions, collections, data mining, interviews, and academic surveys. I deconstruct, manipulate, convert, intermediate, and reconstruct these materials to create performance, photography, video, installation, GIF, 3D modeling, and Internet based artwork. My intent is to push boundaries within art production and conceptually by blurring the lines between life and art where experience, performance, photography, video, the physical and the virtual are shuffled, stacked, smashed together, and intermediated into layers that parallel our quickly evolving technological existence and means of artistic expression through new media and beyond.

Face Time AC I Dye-sublimation print on maple 9 - 12 x 12" 2015
Face Time AC II Dye-sublimation print on maple 3 - 24 x 24" 2015
Face Time AC IV Dye-sublimation print on maple 2 - 16 x 16" 2015
Face Time CB II Digital video stills 3 - 20 x 40" 2015
Face Time CB III Digital video stills 40 x 20" 2015