Opening Reception Performances

Friday, April 29, 5:00-9:00
Join us as exhibiting artists Chanhee Choi, Cathy Hsiao, Anna Orlikowska, Portia Roy, and Cole Walker activate their works with live performance during the opening reception. Please note: the reception opens to the public at 7:00 p.m.


Loop Pa Pow is an interactive video game + performance. The audience is encouraged to participate in a series of video games that will teleport them to a psychedelic, mind-bending cyberspace. The player starts from the lowest level of “No Country for Women” (여자를 위한 곳은 없다). Male chauvinists, sexists, anti-feminists, and misogynists are represented as evil monsters which block the protagonist's path.

The Interludes

Alternating days starting Saturday, April 30
Over a 20 day period, artist April Martin will make 10 cyanotype prints that respond to the sun’s changing position in the sky. They will migrate from Sullivan Galleries to the artist's studio. Come and witness the unfolding accumulation of work.

Own Your Cervix

Appointments available, April 30, May 3, 7, 10, 17
An Afternoon of Self Examination


Friday, May 6, 4:15pm-6:00
Join us at the Sullivan Galleries for an evening of music, movement, and reflection as we gather for a "Double-Take" of the MFA Show